Xperia 1 II very slow connection, especially on 4G


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Hello there!

I'm using AdGuard with my brand new non-rooted Sony Xperia 1 II and I noticed a very bad connection while using 4G. I suppose there is a an uncertain reception somehow but I never had it this bad. The issue was solved as soon as I shut down AdGuard.

Since the device is non-rooted (and not planning to since there are known issues with this), AdGuard is working via VPN. AdGuard did work somehow but it's not usable if there is such a bad connection.

Is there a way to adjust this in order to use AdGuard and mobile internet together? May there be a possible to only use AdGuard on Wi-Fi, most of the purpose is gone that way but still...


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Hello there!

Are you using DNS protection feature?
If yes you should try to switch another DNS server or disable this function for the test.


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That feature was on indeed. It's off now and it seems workable again. Does this influence the amount of blocked items? I mean, it's already low since it's not blocking in-app.

I'm not planning to root the phone since it would compromise the integrity of the camera(software) somehow and also other apps such as banking and so.