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Latest Annoyances filter is
TimeUpdated: 2020-05-11T17:30:35+03:00
What's that mean? I keep selecting the update button for filters, and what I have in my screenshot is what I still have. How do I get 5/11 updates?

Boo Berry

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Blaz means your Annoyances filter hasn't been updated for over 20 days now (last update April 20th).
OK, sorry I mean I know what that means, but like I said I keep hitting the update button, but that's all I get. No new filters are found.
So odd thing is I have three Yahoo accounts, and this issue is only happening on one of them. All the same filters enabled when checking all three accounts. Maybe Yahoo is testing how far they can push this junk for people to disable blocking. I know they push certain things to some people, and not others. I've seen different things change on all three accounts, and some make it to others, while some changes are changed back to the way they were. In my eyes they are just pushing people to other services.