Your current DNS configuration points to a non-existing device


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Please who can help me with this

You removed the device but did not unlink the DNS profile in its settings. To delete the DNS profile, use the same method as when you installed it.


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This text points out that you haven't added DNS server address to your device.

First, head to the AdGuard Private DNS dashboard on the "Home" page and click on "Connect new device" and select OS of your device.
Then choose the preferred method you'd like to connect your DNS, whether it's a manual installation to the system or using AdGuard DNS protection module. From there, you will be guided on how to do so depending on the connection method you choose.


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But I have done that, still the same. And am using paid service.
I will keep trying.
Kindly ask you to clarify your intention, whether you'd like to add your private DNS to a device or delete it? What kind of device is it