YouTube ads are slipping in through AdGuard


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AdGauard does an excellent job at blocking most of the junk, but recently I have noticed that some of the ads especially on are slipping in through AdGuard filters. I am talking about preroll ads. Youtube is aware that I am blocking their advertisements, so they have been showing a little pop-up asking me to subscribe to YouTube Red. Have anyone noticed this type of behavior recently?


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Default filters are based on application language. Therefore please post them here, thank you.

Is it happenning on specific videos or on all videos?

Noticed an ad post on my Android though but no preroll ad.



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Парни, я негодую. Месяц или более, когда я выбираю видео из миниатюр в окне просмотра YouTube, я вынужден смотреть рекламу. Промотать её невозможно, попадаешь на следующее видео в списке автовоспроизведения, а не на то, которое выбрал. Признайтесь, продались?