Youtube ads not being blocked


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It seems that with the Adguard Windows Application youtube ads are not being blocked, with the chrome extension it is blocked and shows green, but blue on other sites.

Any idea why this is?


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If it shows blue, it means the Extension is in integration mode which is correct.
I can't reproduced Youtube ads.

Boo Berry

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Now, the browser extension turning green on YouTube and filtering the ads it suggests to me AdGuard for Windows isn't functioning correctly on YouTube. Immediately what comes to mind is QUIC connections are leaking through in Chrome, causing the site not to be filtered. As an experiment, you can try this...

1) In Chrome, type chrome://flags/#enable-quic into the address bar and press Enter.

2) Set that Experimental QUIC protocol flag to Disabled.

3) When the blue RELAUNCH NOW button pops up on the bottom, press it to restart Chrome.

4) Try YouTube again and see if the ads are being blocked. If they're being blocked now, it's likely QUIC isn't being blocked. This could be because Google updated/changed QUIC, or an antivirus/antimalware application is preventing AdGuard for Windows from disabling/block QUIC connections in Chrome.

AdGuard for Windows can't filter QUIC connections in Chrome, so it automatically disables QUIC connections. Sometimes though, QUIC connections can leak through, usually it's because of an antivirus/antimalware incompatibility.