YouTube "An error occurred, please try again later. (Playback ID:....)"


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So as of the past couple of weeks I have been getting a playback error on YouTube, as per the quote/link below. It seems as though the issue may be around how advertisements are sent to the client now from YouTube. Has the AdGuard team looked into this possible issue?

For those getting playback errors starting about February 25th I believe the issue is due to a change in how ads are displayed and adblock programs are blocking them. This is an issue on both chrome and firefox, I'm using UBlockOrigin and it only happens when I'm signed in. This is likely something the creator of the extension will have to look into.


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I had the same problem, it's not an Adguard issue (excuse me if in other threads I suspected you!), but something related to Youtube loading functions that seems to be affecting several applications and add-ons. For example, if you have Iridium I suggest you uninstall it, and almost certainly the problem will be fixed for the moment.


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Hello, dear @ThePieMonster

Looks like the issue on the side of Youtube and AdGuard has no impact on it:
That thread is a mixed bag, but if you actually load the comments then you can see that most of the complaints are due to ad-blocking in one way or another. Personally, this is definitely caused by ad-blocking, not just AdGuard though (uBlock, AdBlock, AdBlock Plus, etc). People using all kinds of ad-blockers are having this issue, some even with minimal native browser blockers like Brave's. It seems Google had enough of Youtube ad-blocking. That being said, it doesn't happen very often but when it does the best thing to do is to disable AdGuard, let the ad play, re-enable Adguard and it's probably working without a hitch for a good while longer.

Btw, it's very simple to equate that this is an ad-blocking related issue because if you refresh the "problematic video" over and over again it will keep throwing the error, but if you wait ~10 seconds (mandatory ad time) then the video starts playing fine on its own. So, yeah, not actual solution from any blocker at this point in time.
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So i get the same error message. I can't even log into my YouTube account.
but when i deactivate AdGuard, it all works fine, so it's definitly AdGuard. Or at least, YouTube preventing you from using AdBlockers


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Please ensure filters are up2date, login issue should have been caused by faulty rule.


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I confirm that. I had the same problem ("An error occurred...") as ner0, the problem came from the adguard english filter.
I just disabled it and use the classic easylist one during a couple for hour.

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To be clear that there's no need to disable filters now, just check for filter updates. :)


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Of course i enable it alter ;) , but when the problem (with Youtube) was here, i've update your list but the problem was still present.
but I knew that it was just a matter of time.