Youtube: cannot scroll with mouse when Adguard is enabled


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Since a while now, on Youtube, I cannot use the scroll wheel anymore, when Adguard is enabled. Disabling it, or disabling almost all of its filters resolves the problem.

The page loads fine, the video also plays, and for the first couple seconds I can scroll normally, but then I can only scroll a tiny amount up and down. The scrollbar works fine though.

I didn't find any post here about this, am I the only one with this problem?

This is on Catalina, Safari 14.0.1.



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Please try to disable third-party Annoyances filter lists and check again.


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When I disable all filters (but keep AdGuard enabled), scrolling works fine.
It stops working, when I enable only the very first filter: Ad Blocking -> AdGuard Base filter

These are the symptoms:
- Page up/down and using scrollbar with the mouse still works fine
- Using the scroll wheel though:
- scrolls the mainwindow for a tiny amount
- the scrollbar stays fixed, though
- scrolling down with the scrollbar and triggering load of further comments temporarily enables the scroll wheel again, until page stabilizes, and scrolling freezes again


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I have the same problem, it started a couple of days ago. this is very very annoying. I'm on Big Sur using safari. note I cannot scroll through comments below the videos, other than that the scrolling works fine. I have both the standalone app and safari extension running
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