Youtube doesn't play when parental control is on


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Does parental control not work with Youtube?
Whenever I turn it on, Youtube videos don't play at all with a loading circle spinning. However the youtube website is not blocked at all and you can still search and browse.

Adguard is running on automatic mode and I have tried firefox, chrome.
Also tried uninstall/reinstall. Both 6.2 and 6.3RC versions. Same problem.
I try adding to the whiltelist. Not working.

Please help!


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Do you use IPv4 or IPv6 DNS?

Try to clear browser's cache and reload the page.
I think I use IPv4. How can I confirm it?
I don't think it's the cache issue, because once I disable parental control, it's back to normal.

I believe @avatar fixed this yesterday. Is it working now?
It seems fixed now. I just tried it on my laptop and Youtube works with parental control on. I will try it on my desktop once I got home tonight.

What was wrong, btw?


And even if I put youtube on my client whitelist, it doesn't override the server's setting?
It does, you are able to whitelist domains on your side.
This is the domain that caused the issue: