Youtube getting unable to play video and have to reload a few times


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Getting the "Grey" screen with the error "An error occured, please try again later (Playback ID: ############). Usually a refresh fixes this or waiting it out fixes it but it just started recently. Anyone else get this? If I disable Adguard this doesn''t happen (but I get ads!) Help?


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had the same for a couple of weeks now and today it has become annoying as refreshing doesn't work straight away.
I have considered that it may be adguard because youtube have been pushing their premium account so maybe youtube have changed something and it is conflicting with adguard software.
If it helps I am using Opera browser (so if you are using the same then it could be Opera instead)


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Yeah still get the playback error... it's definitely adguard (ublock and adblock too) because switching it off on youtube the video will load straight away (though of course sometimes with ads)
Also to add youtube will occasionally freeze on loading now too. :(

Guessing we will have to wait and see if there will be some update to fix it.... though is a little weird that no one else seems to have this problem. Either youtube is not that popular anymore... adblocking software is not as popular as I thought (so not many have the issue)... or weirdly somehow only the two of us have done something to our computers around the same time.
...but I think I'll go with adguard being the problem but no one else finds it annoying enough to complain (lol)
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