Youtube HD userscript not working anymore


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I was always using the following "Youtube HD" userscript to automatically set video player resolution:

For any reason, it stopped working when loaded via Adguard. The userscript was not changed since February. Only change is that I upgraded to Adguard 7.4 RC1. I'm not 100% sure though if the problem started with updating 7.3 -> 7.4.

I checked the script itself by applying it via Tampermonkey extension, and there it's working just fine. With Adguard however, the video quality is not changed and stays "Automatic". I'm using the script for years, and it was always working with Adguard until now.

Can some check and reproduce?


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Hello there, I try to check this extension and it works as expected. (Chrome 81.0.4044.138)
But I use the latest Nightly version, can you try to reproduce on that build?

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Добрый день! Подтверждаю, кастомный скрипт Youtube HD для автоматической настройки разрешения видеоплеера также у меня перестал работать, и уже давно с момента обновления 7.3 или 7.4 и по сей день. Раньше все работало без проблем. Пожалуйста, исправьте это недоразумение.Видео
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