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  1. tanotify

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    Sep 14, 2018
    Is it possible somehow hide ad videos on youtube mobile web page and show only subscriptions?
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  2. Blaz

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    Dec 21, 2014
    Please elaborate your questions, I'm not a youtube main user.
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    I always use YouTube's desktop version on my phone by using Safari Desktop as my user agent in browsers that support UA changes. That being said, blocking the following seemingly/normally harmless addresses while using YouTube will completely get rid of the giant ad banner on top the main page, leaving you with that much more real estate. They are:

    Note that is necessary for, ironically, many other websites to fully function. So just simply place an ! with a space after it preceding that address when not using YouTube.

    This is assuming you have a good blocking subscription in place that blocks googleads and the like, and fonts, though technically unnecessay, help as well.

    Again please note that I use YouTube's desktop site not the mobile site. I am, though, going to test the mobile site right now.

    EDIT: I now know why I never went back to using the mobile site. It's terrible. My best recommendation for you if you do want to continue using the mobile site would be to subscribe to Anudeep's domain block that specifically targets google video ads. As he says & I'll repeat here, it is experimental. From my own usage of it in the past, it does mostly work, however. Here's the link to the raw list of domains if you wish to try it out:

    I inspected the origin of the ad that loaded onto YouTube's mobile site & after peeling away all the noise, what you are left with is a domain name formatted as they are in this list. Please let me/us know how it works for you, as I'm never returning to the mobile version again.

    Note: I do realize that this solution will not automatically load your personal subscriptions; however, it will help in ridding you of those most hated ads.
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