Youtube root adblocking with Adguard


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Does the root certificate solution given in the help article still work?

I was going to test it out, I have root and currently use the YouTube AdAway Xposed module and that removes every kind of add that appears in the YouTube app. But I thought if Adguard can do it with root, I might as well use it to its potential rather than have a separate Xposed module.

If it does work, where is the Adguard certificate I need to move, and where does it need placing in system (never messed with the certificates before)?

Android 6.0.1
Using latest Adguard Beta for Android

Boo Berry

Moderator + Beta Tester
No, it's not currently possible to filter/remove ads from the YouTube app anymore with AG for Android, even with root and the certificate moved to the system store.

If you weren't already using the Xposed module I'd highly recommend looking into the YouTube Vanced app (it's a modified YouTube that can be installed alongside the existing YouTube app). It has adblocking and other features like background playback. It even works fine on non-root. I'm sure the Xposed module works fine, but personally I'd avoid using that (Xposed trips SafetyNet, which is something I need in my day-to-day with other apps).

More info about the YouTube Vanced app.


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Ok good to know, didn't want to spend time trying to get it working if it didn't anymore.

YouTube Vanced sounds pretty good, I will probably install it as a backup. The Xposed app works perfectly, but is not guaranteed to always do so. It didn't work at all for a couple of months towards the end of last year when youtube made things very difficult. The developer did amazing work and eventually found a way around all the new things they did to stop proper ad blocking in the app, but they might make another assault on it in the future.