Youtube shows weird, unblocked ads


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Hello guys, I've used Adguard for about 2 years now and used to be perfectly satisfied, but 2 weeks ago, just one kind of ad started showing on YouTube.
It's a blank white page on the youtube player that just says "skip" in the corner as usual. No matter what version of Adguard I use (Extension, Application), it can't be blocked. It also didn't help using other Adblockers, other filters or even clearing browser data/reinstalling everything. It doesn't show a real ad, just the white space, so it's not as bad as normal ads but still a bit annoying. It's literally the only ad I'm getting in my entire browser.

Screenshot (16).png

Boo Berry

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Known issue right now with all ad blockers.

You can try enabling the experimental filter (as there's an experimental filter rule for the new YouTube ads which may work) and clearing your browser's cache (and cookies for YouTube) and see if that helps. If it doesn't help, try logging out of YouTube or viewing YouTube in an incognito/private tab and see if they go away. Currently it's happening to random people, but none of the devs have encountered the new ads yet.